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Germanium Components

Germanium (Ge) is available in the range of 2-12 μm. Ge is most frequently utilized to create optical windows and lenses for extremely effective infrared imaging systems. Ge is ideally suited for the production of optical components for infrared lasers and optical systems due to its broad spectrum of visible light transmission and opacity. Germanium is the perfect material for creating low power imaging systems due to its high refractive index and low surface curvature. The small chromatic aberration usually eliminates the need for correction.

Ge optical components are used in many infrared (IR) applications or systems, including thermal imaging, spectroscopy, or with monochromatic light sources such as quantum cascade lasers. ge optical components are optical components designed for high performance in the ultraviolet (UV) and IR spectra without the use of anti-reflective coatings. alfa chemistry offers a wide range of Ge optical components for UV and IR applications, such as Ge windows.

Germanium Components

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